kendall, 18

today's inspirational quote:
"we become what we think about." - earl nightingale



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i remade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why have i gotten 3 followers since i last looked at this blog!!!!!!!!!

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i am in the process of refollowing people so if we were in a mutual or something or u think its weird that im not following u i might not have gotten to u yet im just going down the list of my following which is 1,057 so ok

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oh and u can unfollow here im saving this blog just not updating it anymore i made a new account

really bout to go through every blog i follow and decide whether to refollow this is gonna take so long but hopefully i can keep it >1000


if boys hands worked the clit like they work video game controllers maybe the world would be a better place

when i was at the pool on monday i mentioned to the Cute Lifeguard that i might come wednesday and after his shift today he texted me “you didn’t come today :(((((” gah im slayin em

"“My female boss is mean to me at work” is not the same thing as centuries of institutionalized, systemic discrimination. If “beautiful women can get whatever they want,” then why haven’t we elected one president yet? “Sexism against both genders is wrong” betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of what sexism is. Any individual of any gender can be prejudiced or discriminate on a face-to-face level, but only one gender faces the glass ceiling, the ongoing, legalized regulation of their bodies, the significant wage gap for doing the same type of work, the deeply-engrained and consistently reinforced stereotypes about their being less aggressive, less capable and less intelligent, and countless other obstacles."

ok goodnight….tomorrow im gonna go through my following (1,057…kms) and refollow on my new blog and then post the url. love uuuuuuuuuuu

remaking is really hard b/c i wanna save this account because i had this blog for like 4 years and a lot of stuff is on it and idk i just cant bring myself to erase it all it would be like burning a diary

so im like having to add myself as a member to all my side blogs and stuff and go through my following and ugh but i feel like im making the right choice like starting fresh and clean for college and leaving high school behind and i will feel better knowing the people following me are actually following me because they like me/my blog

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